How to Install

Looking to install our chair leg protectors but not sure where to start?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out our short video demonstrations that walk you through the process step by step, so you can easily fit the protectors onto your chairs and enjoy their benefits. Happy protecting!


  • Sled Chairs | How to install Clear Felt Sled Chair Glides


  •  Sled Chairs | How to install our Black & White Sled Chair Glides


  • Groovy Glides | How to Install Our Groovy Sliders


  • Gecko Glides | How to install Slip Over Gecko Carpet Glides


  • Sled Chair Wraps | How to Install Felt Wrap Around Glides


  • Rectangle Groovy Glides | How to Install Rectangular Felt Silicone Groovy Slides

  • Screw in Gecko Glides | How to Install Gecko Furniture Carpet Glides

  • Square Silicone | How to Install Square Silicone Chair Leg Protectors