How To Install Internal Caps

Easy installation guide for your new chair caps, including removing pre-existing caps!

(For Internal Chair Caps)

What you will need:

  • WD40 Spray
  • Pliers to remove old caps (a butter knife works)
  • A hand wire brush (or microfiber cloth)
  • A bottle of warm water (Spray Bottle)

Easy step by step. (Estimated time 4 - 7 mins dependent on the age of the furniture)

  1. Spray the pre-existing chair caps located at the bottom of your furniture legs with WD40 to help loosen any corroded material.
  2. Use your pliers to workout the existing Caps from the legs.
  3. Spray a 2nd load of WD40 Inside the chair leg.
  4. Use your hand wire tool to clean the interior of your chair legs to remove the remaining rust, dirt and built-up debris.
  5. Lastly spray inside the leg with warm water to remove the loosened debris.
  6. Now you can insert your new Chair Caps!


Hi Robert, I would suggest going for the 35Γ—35 silicone square as that’ll fit snuggly around the square leg. You can find it here >


We have just bought 5 acrylic chairs and attached the supplied white round protectors (stuck on) but they keep working out from the bottom of the legs. The legs taper down to 36mm square The floor is porcelain tiles so the chairs do not slide, so we lift them up to move them (they are quite heavy) – We want a clear product to blend in with the acrylic, but have a bottom surface that will allow us to slide the chairs when in use. Please advise

Robert RALPH

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