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Sell the Best Chair Leg Protectors in your Store!

Here at Chair Caps Australia, we are in a exciting position to start building onto the Chair Caps Brand by establish further business relationships with small to medium and large business!
We've provided a simple yet effective solution to a multitude of extraordinary clients across the globe for over 20+ years, and yes we are still here! It's a Booming industry with a whole extra life in itself! Long gone are the days of refurbishing furniture and replacing flooring as a result from furniture scratches.
With strong trade partnerships, We can guarantee the best quality floor protectors on the market! Feel confident knowing what you sell is the best product available!
Providing floor protection products to our commercial and domestic clients have never been so satisfying! Finding and solving problems to general qualms for furniture and flooring protection have never been so easy to solve. You'll always be recognised as a professional in your industry.
We have over 5+ Online Store Providing our services to Australia, New Zealand and to the rest of the world! We also have 5+ On-sellers already in the field absolutely killing it making a very modest earning for themselves.
If this sounds like something worth pursuing or even just something to quere, please don't hesitate to call or message Kirk.
PH: 0425 259 521

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