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Felt Clip-on Glides - 32x Pack

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Clear Felt Sled Chair Glide Discount Table

Felt Sled Glide Measurement guide

Experience superior glide and protection with our high-quality Felt Clip-on Glides.

Discover the power of our GlidePro Felt Clip-on Glides, available in this incredible 32x pack. Crafted to perfection, these glides feature a robust nylon shell that ensures a secure attachment to your sled chair rails, eliminating any chances of undesirable spinning. Don't settle for less when it comes to floor protection and chair mobility.

Key Benefits:

  • Experience effortless gliding of your Sled Chairs across various flooring surfaces, including timber, tiles, vinyl, and ceramic.

  • Safeguard your floors from scratches and scuffs caused by sled chair movements.

  • Enjoy the luxury of noise-free seating as our glides eliminate squeaks and wobbles.

  • Stack your Sled Chairs conveniently without any disruptions.

    4_ef9680bb-c438-43e1-b76f-e324e6890f3f - Chair Caps Australia

    Smart & Elegant Durability

    The Felt Clip-on Glide's robust, long-lasting transparent nylon shell provides enhanced durability and stability. Its cylindrical outer shell ensures a tight hold on the sled chair rails, preventing free-spinning and ensuring the stacking of your sled chairs.

    5_a446361f-b9cf-4439-9914-7dd657d65fad - Chair Caps Australia

    Silent and Scratch-Free: Chair Glides

    Clear Felt Sled Glides excels at preventing floor scratching and minimizing noise. By attaching these felt glides to chair legs, users can eliminate the sound of chairs being dragged and the marks they leave behind.

    Felt_Clear_Clip_on_glide - Chair Caps Australia

    Felt x Wool - Ultimate Floor Protection

    The Felt Clip-on Glide's felt and wool-infused design lasts 10x longer than stick-on pads, making it a durable and cost-effective option for chair glides. It can withstand regular wear & tear and provide an extended lifespan, offering a reliable solution for your chair glide needs.

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